#5 Brazil picks “Ler se Aprende com Cultura” as top in the country!

 Reading Through Cultural Roots © is selected by

the Brazilian Board of Education as top learning material!

Reading through Cultural Roots © was selected by the Brazilian Board of Education as one of the eight learning materials to be included in the 2011 Guide of Educational Tools and Technology for the national advancement of education. ”This constitutes in a very important recognition for us. It not only acknowledges the quality of our material, but also allows us to continue our commitment to improve literacy levels as a means towards greater social equality.´ explains Juliana Lima Dehne, actress, screenwriter and film producer, who was involved in this project from its outset ´We are committed to using our abilities as filmmakers to develop material that serves foremost the educator’s, and also the children’s, needs by using a visual vocabulary that both engages them and creates an emotional attachment to the learning experience.”

Reading through Cultural Roots© was created by Dr. Elvira Souza Lima, one of Brazil´s most prominent educators and human development specialists, and builds on her 25 years of research, teaching and consulting in Europe, USA and Brasil and implementation of teaching tools that are proven to raise the literacy levels of children of all backgrounds.

Reading through Cultural Roots © is a 5-disc DVD series conceived to further raise the literacy levels in Brazil and has already been implemented as an educational tool during outreach programs as a tool for teachers and parents to employ in and outside the classroom setting. The series transforms years of research and advancements in the educational, scientific and pedagogical field into an accessible and aesthetically powerful mixture of images and sounds. It creatively contribute to the advancement of education.  “By exploring music, games and childhood pastimes embedded in cultural practices along with the preservation of the natural environment  Reading through Cultural Roots © successfully engages its diverse audience and ensures attention, interest, stimulates the imagination and ultimately, promotes a positive outcome in the learning process.” explains Dr. Elvira Souza Lima.

CREDITS>Director: Cristiano Burlan/Producer: Juliana Lima Dehne/  Content: Elvira Souza LimaScreenplay: Elvira Souza Lima & Juliana Lima Dehne/ Cast: Beatriz Tragtenberg, Clara Choveaux, Juliana Lima Dehne/ Musicians: André Zacharias & Cacá Zulino & Juliana Lima Dehne/ Sound: Cristiano Pinheiro/ DoP: Fernando Nalon, Paulo Domingos/ Editor: Rodrigo Guedes / Art Director: Gabriel Lima / Animation: Cristiana Queiroga/ Distribution: Inter Alia Comunicação e Cultura/ Release: 2009 (Brasil)

Clara Choveaux was nominated for a Best Actress Palme d’Or award at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. Director Cristiano Burlan was nominated several times in important international film festivals such as Havana International Film Festival, São Paulo International Film Festival and It’s All True Film Festival among others. Cristiana Queiroga is a top animator at Brazil’s most prestigious Channel: Globo. Click on our cast and crew to find out more about them.

 Juliana &  Christian Lima Dehne were in Brazil for the promotion, sales and distribution of the series.

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