#8 Starting 2012 with Over Lunch

“Over Lunch” is a new dramatic comedy, created by Christian & Juliana Lima Dehne, about dealing with being lost while trying to find yourself. Starring Moritz Tittel and Juliana Lima Dehne, “Over Lunch” is a unique story that revolves around Sophie, an American woman who moves to Munich, and Ludwig, her best Bavarian gay friend. For more info on the project check out our ‘Projects’ page. 

A few weeks ago, we did a test photo shoot for the film and we will be posting some pictures up soon. The photo shoot took place at Nero, which we came upon, thanks to our dear friend Sanne Kurz, DoP, who, having been in New York City quite often, knew exactly what we were talking about when we said: we need to find that NYC touch in Munich.

Nero is definitely stylish, sexy, cosmopolitan, not to mention the delicious Italian cuisine it serves, and was the perfect setting for Ludwig and Sophie’s Lunch-Date.

Stay tuned! Much more to come as we unravel the universe of our Over Lunch characters, Sophie and Ludwig, as they desperately try to find their place in this world and like most of us, have a tough yet comical time at it.