#10 The Internet: my personal enemy…

Writing is a tough job. You read about it all the time, but you never quite understand it until you sit down to write a screenplay or two. As you sit in front of a blank Final Draft page (or Celtx or whatever program you use) staring back at you, you realize that you guys aren’t really communicating and you need some inspiration. That’s when the danger starts. Having the virtual world at the tips of your fingers is fatal. Unless you are a very disciplined human being, who can simply turn off all exterior factors and concentrate solely on what is at stake (and I do envy you), you might be more like me.

Writing, involves for the most part the counterproductive act of avoiding it. So it’s a constant schizophrenic battle between you and you, your computer (or typewriter) and time.

Sometimes you sit down and it flows. You get a few paragraphs or pages in that really carry the story forward. You’re relieved that you have advanced (until the producer comes and tells you it’s not at all what he is paying you for).

Sometimes you sit down and just stare at the screen, conjuring thoughts about who is on Facebook or what you will eat in a couple of hours or about that phone call you need to make but not really in the mood for. From the outside it looks like you are intensely creating the story in your head, and hence working, but just between you and me, we know we aren’t.

That’s when the enemy lures us in. At that precise moment. It’s like a candy shop, if you are the sweet-tooth kind, filled with so many choices, flavors and new additions that you want to stay there in the comfort of chocolate, jelly beans, coated nuts (for the healthy-conscience) and lollipops, just to name a few, until you go crazy on the sugar-high. By then it’s too late. You will crash at any minute and the gloom of having abused your time at the candy shop creeps its way into your every pore.

I turn my Wi-Fi off. I try to get back to where I was, the blank page I left behind, literally behind my other windows and browsers, but some days I never quite make it… and today is one of those days… *sigh*


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