#11 From Project Presentation to Cassette Tape (and back)…

Here we are working for days now on the Over Lunch project presentation.

Which pictures? What text? Is this too much? too little?

Putting a project presentation together to show how interesting your film is and why people should take the time and money to invest in it, is no easy task. It’s a one shot deal to get whomever is skimming through it, to want more.

It’s like the time I bought my first cassette tape ever. I was still a kid and yes tape decks were still around. I had enough money (hard-earned lawn mowing and lemonade stand money) to buy one. I went around the store and collected around 15 tapes that I really wanted to have. Despite my efforts to magically double those bills in my hand, I really only had money to invest in one item (did I mention that already?). So one tape would have to satisfy all my needs. It had to be a cool band, with cool music, with a cool cover and a cool design… oh and if possible make me cool for a day at school as well. That would be the bonus.

I painfully narrowed my choices down to two tapes and, obviously, based on the covers, since I wasn’t by any means a music connoisseur at the time. I decided to secretly open the tapes up and check out the folded part. I glanced at both covers, now fully unfolded in front of me, turned it over, inspected it carefully and decided on R.E.M. I put the Gin Blossoms back (I did tell the tape I was sorry, not that it made any difference) and went to pay, feeling good about my choice.

That was it: the cover lured me in. I invested on a cassette tape not only because of the great musical content (surprisingly enough that comes second at such a young age) but most importantly because it was a “cool” design, with “cool” pictures, colors, text – that I could easily read, inviting and made me feel “cool” to have it (also gave me that bonus the next day in school).

That’s how any project presentation should be… like that first cassette tape I ever bought. Got to be intriguing yet simple, unique yet sellable, captivating yet brief… it’s got to fit a vision, a market, a need and a want. Most importantly it’s got to have a “cool” cover and make you want to have it, or in this case, be part of it.

And yes, I still have that R.E.M. cassette tape.

Now back to work…

ps: I just read that the Oxford English Dictionary has taken “cassette tape” out of their lexicon! Very distraught about that.


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