#12 Something was terribly wrong…

“Over Lunch” – Sophie can’t believe what Ludwig just asked her…

The time came to workshop “Over Lunch”. Luckily for us, we all work at the Studios, so it wasn’t too painful to get our lead actor, Moritz Tittel, who is shooting a daily episodic one lot over, to come over to our office, during one of his long breaks.

We read “Over Lunch” through a few times. First as a cold-reading, then with the actors’ own interpretation, a step further, Christian gave directions, and then we tried out new ideas. Coming from an acting background myself, I knew that the experience could be very helpful and it was more than helpful.  It was a slap in the face. You always assume that your script has problems, because it always does. But I couldn’t quite pinpoint where the problems where exactly, until we workshopped it. We discovered that one character was much better developed than the other. While Ludwig had a clear turning point in the script, therefore an arc, Sophie didn’t. She lacked the arc. Which also led to the problem of our ending. You can’t write a great ending if your characters don’t have clear objectives throughout the scene or the story.

Even though we were also able to explore dialogue more organically, which I was expecting and looking forward to, I also realized how some of the written in physical comedy felt actually quite contrived, which I wasn’t expecting and got a bit frustrated with. We are dealing with a dramatic-comedy at lunchtime, so the script calls for some obvious physical hit and misses. The toughest is making it all work harmoniously , dialogue + actions + physical comedy, and yet seem spontaneous. But before I pulled my hair out, we decided to tackle one problem at a time: character development first, a more coherent ending second and later we’ll go back to the physical comedy.

I’m not sure you always get the golden chance to workshop your own script, during the actual writing process, but I would definitely recommend it to all those out there working on a screenplay.



3 thoughts on “#12 Something was terribly wrong…

  1. Thanks! We’ll keep posting every Monday something new here on our blog regarding process and we will definitely keep you guys posted on the project! Abraços, Juliana

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