#13 The secret to making or breaking your film…

How to make or break your film?

Simple… give it a great Ending and make it. Give it a mediocre Ending and break it.

We recently saw the Irish film “The Guard” by John Michael McDonagh. As Chris and I sat there staring at the screen, we couldn’t decide if we wanted to stick through it or just pick up and leave. The beginning was a bit slow and not so great but we decided to stick through it and we came out of the film very happy and recommending it to friends. What happened?

A great Ending!

A powerful beginning will not be remembered if the ending is not as powerful and a not so great beginning plus a less than striking Second Act, or middle part, will be completely overlooked if the ending is satisfying.

As I sit here working through the Ending of “Over Lunch”, I find myself thinking of “The Guard” and wondering how Mr. McDonagh did it. Well I must say that the main characters, Sergeant Gerry Boyle and FBI Agent Wendell Everett, were strong and had clear objectives in the story as soon as the problem presented itself and the obstacles started to roll in. Even though it took us, as audience members, a bit of time to warm up to them, they knew exactly where they were headed and all we had to do was allow them to get there.

As I sit here with Sophie and Ludwig, discussing where to, I keep hoping that they will be as clear as Sergeant Gerry Boyle and FBI Agent Wendell Everett were and give us an Ending to remember and make the film.

No pressure…


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