#16 Peter Jackson had it easy…

As we are on a mission to haul over 30 Extras to fill up the restaurant scene for Over Lunch, I can’t help but think: whose idea was it to make this film with no-budget in the first place? I fear the answer but it slaps me in the face: my husband and me.

 Not to diminish the wonderful investment we have received, but to keep production value high with hardly any money is like trying to win a film festival with a painting. I mean, how many times have you ever heard: and the Palme d’Or goes to the Guernica by Picasso. A lovely 2 dimensional tale of a war, told in one part, actually in one frame. Starring many drawings of people, decapitation and some horses. Already in a museum near you.

  Sounds pretty absurd, doesn’t it?

Well the reality is actually much worse than it sounds. That’s why it is easier to produce a many (many) zeros- budget than a no-budget film. A no-budget film is like wanting the iPad and affording a notebook with 30 sheets in it.

 There is a Brazilian joke that goes: How many Portuguese does it take to change a light bulb? 3. One to screw it on and off and two to turn the ladder (calm down guys, my family is Portuguese I’m allowed to make inappropriate jokes). That joke should be translated into: how many producers does it take to budget a no-budget film? 3. One to actually make the calculations and 2 to morally support him when he is done with it.

So why go ahead with the production?

Over Lunch needs to get made. It needs to get out there. I mean who hasn’t felt lost in their lives at some point? Who hasn’t wanted to shift careers, shift something about their personality, shift something in their routine, thought that the grass was greener in some else’s garden? (Peter, don’t worry, I will not make a comment regarding your garden, I’m a fan of your work).

Over Lunch is about you, me and everyone we know. (no pun intended Miranda July, please don’t have your lawyers call our lawyers, we can’t afford them). 

Besides, it’ll probably make for a good tale someday.

So we are happy to announce: We have officially entered the pre-production phase of Over Lunch.

Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “#16 Peter Jackson had it easy…

  1. Micro-Budget is another fun one to produce! It’s the new sibling in the No and Low family…
    No, seriously: We’re all waiting to spread the word in a fundraiser!!
    And get you the all you need to do your job well!

  2. Thank you Sanne! What would we do without your enthusiasm and generosity? Keep you posted on crowd-funding! Coming soon to an inbox near you 😉 Liebe Grüße, Juliana

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