#17 The Master-Card Effect…

As we were taking pictures for the Over Lunch project presentation, we realized that quality with little money means taking time, being patient and not settling for less.

First Photo Shoot: Food + Beverage + Insurance = $170

We swiped the plastic card and later found out that our first photo session didn’t work out 100%.  Christian wanted to be able to comfortably lay the text in the picture allowing for aesthetic harmony, and also arrange them in a way that whomever was flipping through the Over Lunch project presentation, could get a sense of the actual film. So needless to say, when we went to work with the photos we had, it didn’t work according to plan. We tried to convince ourselves that we could do with what we had but we knew we had to set up the photo shoot a second time. That was really frustrating. Mostly because we couldn’t expect the entire team to come work again only based on a positive feeling they had about the project. I mean, we all have rent to pay.

 Second Photo Shoot: Food + Beverage + Insurance + Transportation= $190  

As we were producing the second photo shoot, much more objective regarding exactly what we needed for the presentation, Christian had the exciting idea of documenting it. We talked to a good friend of ours, a talented TV director, who usually directs well-known lifestyle shows for German TV, and was currently working on episodes of Galileo (an interesting German science show) and, luckily for us, was ready to do something different. We told her we needed something between a making-of and a teaser. One week later we had a concept and a making-of team who showed up at Nero’s with more equipment than we had. The second photo shoot was also charged to our credit card (that had to go through twice- yes- we were tense between the first and second swipe). Every independent filmmaker knows how important it is to have a functioning credit card, that only becomes a headache once the project is over and you have to start paying it back, but should not under any circumstance fail to go through during the project period.

When she presented us the first cut of the making-of we thought: how lucky that the first photo session didn’t completely work out and we didn’t settle for less. Double thanks, that we encountered two amazing sets of teams who not only believed in the project, but were willing to donate their working hours to it. The making-of was a great idea and I’m glad we went through with it.

Having a great idea + actually making it happen = Priceless

For everything else we swiped a card… 

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12 thoughts on “#17 The Master-Card Effect…

  1. Yeah!! – Your writing makes me be light hearted laughing each time you click “post” – thanks for sharing the youtube link…waiting for more… 🙂

  2. This is great: entertaining and educational at the same time! It is a new screen-drama/comedy in itself: a film about… film-making !!!! The conclusion is: film-making is not for the feeble-hearted !!!
    Keep up the good work, guys !!!!

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