#18 How the heck do they do it?

We shot another making-of segment this past weekend and since most questions were aimed at Chris and me, I realized that the one question swimming in everyone’s mind is: how the heck do you guys manage to work and live together?

How we pull it off? I don’t know.

It happened naturally, which makes me completely oblivious to how weird it may seem to others that we actually manage to do it all together. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely isn’t easy, no human relationship is, but somehow it has made life a lot easier.

It might have to do with the fact that we are allowed to keep working at all hours. If you work in the film business, or possibly any creative business where time, dedication and drive are a must, than you know how difficult it is to go through a day in the life of an independent producer, for example, and still make it home and put energy into your family/partner/pets. How difficult it is to have your mind completely wrapped up in a project and still have to take care of everyday life. Creating is a demanding and lonely process. The actual disciplined act of creating requires a lot of self-powered energy and motivation to keep going. So to share that one source between work and everything exterior to it is sometimes, well, complicated. Luckily for us we don’t have a distinction between “work” and “everything else”, so we don’t feel like we have to split our times between one or the other.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that we are each other’s rock. We experience the successes and the failures together and we are really good at motivating each other (much-needed in the independent filmmaking business). We have the same personal and professional goals and we make sure we don’t lose the road to attain them. Most importantly we work very well as a team both behind the camera and in the kitchen.

Or maybe we are just plain crazy…

So I guess the next time someone gives us the look number 53 (the -“did I hear that right? You guys must be out of your mind”- look) I’ll just smile and nod, yes… we must be.


4 thoughts on “#18 How the heck do they do it?

  1. I doubt you are plain crazy, even though it might help sometimes.
    I think with a job like yours with all the extra and weird working hours, it is the best that can happen, to not only work together but also have a relationship. And you sound like a couple that are not only lovers but good friends too.

    Good luck with the film!

  2. haha yes it does help sometimes!!! And you are absolutely right, we are very good friends. Thank you very much for the kind words! It brought a smile to our faces and warmth to our hearts. Liebe Grüße, Juliana & Christian

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