#19 Over Lunch, Over Dinner…Over Breakfast?

1AM – We are still working. Production meeting started early today and is still going on. Our living room has become a luxurious office, or at least we’d like to think it’s luxurious because it fits the 15 people we had over, all heads, except for sound (of course we still have drama – our sound man is gone). Some of us are still here. One of us even became a year older today (Alles Gute Björn!).

We are shooting Over Lunch in exactly five days. So much to think about, so little time. Up until today I really thought I had written a seemingly easy to produce screenplay. Today I realized that it is far from it. I mean, we could do the cheaper version, it is doable, but our sources of inspiration come from productions that are not cheap and our team has fallen into the trap of watching them. Which meant that as we were all sitting around the table today, knowing about our financial limitations to produce the film, nobody suggested that we went for the easier solution. Everyone seems to want to bring the best they can with the small budget we have without compromising the screenplay. The Over Lunch Dream Team is really a dream come true. We know that the challenge of getting those pages up on-screen as they were intended is not an easy one to overcome, but we are confident, after today’s meeting, that we will go into production with an incredible group of people.

We did however miss our making-of team today. Too many funny moments have gone unrecorded. A discussion about salt and pepper-shakers as if we were discussing world peace; our producer who started making noises that sounded like Dutch when she received the news that our sound guy dropped out (she can’t speak Dutch); our wonderful director of photography who couldn’t keep working on an empty stomach, so he dragged the meeting over to a traditional Bavarian restaurant (the only one open on a Sunday around here); and the fact that we opened a symbolic bottle of champagne that was corked (yes, we drank that)…

Anyway, I need to turn back to our production table before it’s too late and we are still sitting here over breakfast (not that I would mind having breakfast with these fine people).

If you don’t hear from us next week, no worries, we’ll be back the week after. In the meantime don’t forget to check out our Over Lunch Blog starting tomorrow.


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