#20 It’s a wrap! And I don’t mean Mexican food…

In film language that’s a wrap means that production is over. I’ve heard that back in the days they would say “Wrap it up” as in camera and equipment to signal that it was time to pack it up and move it out. There is an amusing explanation that claims that “wrap” is actually an acronym for Wind Reel and Print but like most acronyms, they usually come after the fact and so thus plausible, I really don’t think it’s true.

In any case, when we heard it’s a wrap on the set of Over Lunch, my heart sank. I still wanted to come to the set the next day and greet Amara and Noah who would be running to put breakfast out while Jelka, make-up, and Esther, with Lisiane’s beautiful costume design, would be waiting to put “Sophie” together. By then Vero would be making excellent coffees while Thomas, Christoph and Benedikt would already be there with Eugen, Lambert and Simon discussing something amusing. Magdalena would be looking at continuity notes and Lara would already be sitting down with Chris for the day’s schedule. Felix would be crouched down somewhere working the sound, as Björn would jump over him calling after Marcel. Caro, Jeremy and Christopher would be buzzing around spreading their contagious smiles and good humor as Dana and Roxane would already be preparing to dress and artistically direct the set designed by Helen. Then Moritz, Peter and Lena would waltz in and go to make-up and costume while Simone would be putting her camera together to start clicking away while Aeneas and Leska would be trying to catch people to interview for the much awaited Over Lunch making-of teasers. Not to forget the contributions from Peter’s steadicam shots and Franceska’s boom operating skills, the wonderful extras, friends and family who stopped by and our wonderful sponsors and supporters who made Over Lunch an even more desirable set to be in. But the words have been uttered and the next day I didn’t go back to the set and instead, like most of us, had the post-shooting blues. I’m pretty sure mine was purple.

I think one of the most fascinating things about filmmaking is that it literally fulfills an old African saying (one made popular by Hilary Clinton): it takes a village to raise a child. The child being the film and the village being all the people who work together to make sure the child is raised from idea to on-screen action. So from the bottom of our Dehne Lima Film hearts, we thank you Over Lunch village for making it possible. On that thought, putting the sappy violins aside, my heart is now up and running again ready to start post-production and welcome the new members to our Over Lunch village… I mean family… I mean team… oh the heck with it, it’s our own little world and we hope to welcome you to it as well when we hit festivals and theaters all over the world. Until then, check back for regular updates…

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