#21 Because we can’t all be Bill Gates…

I suck at computers. Period. I’m a writer, not a computer techie. But it seems that nowadays it is a necessity, not an added plus, to know your way around different tools and technology. You can’t just be a writer. You need to be a web designer, a virtual marketing genius, a researcher, a social media addict, a user, a techie – an overall junkie. I’m just not a techie. So when the computer goes weird, I tend to freak out.

Except this week, when my old Mac went completely insane on me I decided to get it back in shape on my own because well, it’s time to learn (or probably due to the fact that my husband was not next to me at that particular moment). So I did what any technology-challenged person would do: I googled it and then youtubed it. Of course it didn’t occur to me to be able to even google it I needed to first understand what the problem was. How the heck was I going to decipher what was wrong with the computer? So I tried phrases like “computer shuts down while using word” or “ why does my Mac shut down while I’m working?”. Needless to say I got nowhere with that. So I did what any impatient writer in his technology-challenged mind would do: I shut the computer down and took the good old pen and paper to start writing Over Lunch 2.

What I didn’t expect is to be completely immersed in my writing since I couldn’t open 10 different windows with 20 different Tabs at the same time. As I sat writing on a piece of paper, I realized that somehow my concentration was completely taken by the pen and paper. Maybe it’s a good way to stimulate and practice focus. Funny how we have to train our focus and concentration, it’s definitely not innate.

Discipline and concentration are essential for writing. Maybe my computer just did me a favor for the time being, while my husband takes a look at it and fixes it for me. 🙂

Technology is a tool. I should not forget that. It’s only a tool. And, well, a profession and a money tree for people like Bill Gates.


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