#23 Mondays are wonderful!

I like Mondays. I won’t lie. Weekends are good to sleep in, we allow ourselves that much when we aren’t caught up with deadlines or in the middle of production, and we still do work on weekends. As I can imagine most everyone, who is self-employed or works in the creative field or runs a major company, does. But there is something particular about Mondays that I started to enjoy in the last couple of years.

 Well for one, Monday is Kinotag in Munich and that means we get to go to the Movies on our tight budget without cringing at the entry fee. Monday is also the day we sit down to put a check on our goal driven path. Monday is the day I need to write a blog entry, even when none come to mind, and Monday is also the day I allow my brain to organize the week and the upcoming deadlines into my infamous lists. I like lists. I like writing them down and then checking them off. And when I don’t check anything off, than I like writing a second new list with everything I did do and checking that off instead, just to keep the motivation up. The act of completing tasks gives me a sense of accomplishment, of tangibility, of results. So you can imagine that in a business where it takes years to complete a single film, the simple act of checking something off a list, can keep you sane. The Monday assessment has that feel for me. Making sure the work is aligned with the goals and that we are checking off all the completed tasks to get there.  We tend to do that every Monday. Which also makes it the day I feel refreshed and ready to tackle anything.

 How wonderful.

Oh… and last but not least we start editing Over Lunch today… on a Monday.

TGIM is the new TGIF in my week!


One thought on “#23 Mondays are wonderful!

  1. You were right y’day when saying: “Right?!!” – Mondays.
    Funny enough – apart from Kinotag – I myself do a lot of that stuff on Sunday eves. – Prepping the Monday! 🙂

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