#27 I’d like to report a lost, stolen or missing Inspiration…

I’m staring here at this blank screen and wondering where is my inspiration.

It’s usually with me, sometimes strong, sometimes weak, sometimes creative and sometimes lazy, but it’s usually around.

Not today.

We cleaned yesterday so I thought I had put it away somewhere.

I’ve looked under the bed, around my work table, in the closets and in the drawers. I’ve looked in the refrigerator, in the bathroom and in the hallway. I’ve looked for it between pages of books, through our Vinyl collection and then my iPod.  I’ve looked for it lying down, sitting and standing. But somehow I can’t seem to find it.

 Maybe I threw it out by accident. Now that’s a horrible thought. Or maybe I have just misplaced it. I do carry it around with me all the time. Maybe I forgot it somewhere over the weekend. I wonder if someone else took it. Maybe it’s at a Lost & Found. I hear they have one at the Hauptbahnhof.

It couldn’t have gone too far. It must be in Munich somewhere. I’ll take a stroll around the neighborhood.

If I don’t find it then, I’ll definitely report a lost, stolen or missing Inspiration.

Maybe it flew to NYC, São Paulo or Paris. Maybe it went on vacation to a nearby resort in the mountains, on the beach or on an island.

If you see my inspiration floating about, will you please let it know that I desperately need it to come back home?

I can’t write without it…

Photo courtesy of Elvira Souza Lima © 2012


11 thoughts on “#27 I’d like to report a lost, stolen or missing Inspiration…

  1. Your Imagination doesn’t happen to be a Gemini in the horoscope? Cause it seems like it’s twin is wriggling well and truly within the pixelated lines of this blog entry 😛

    • I’ve never really given it any thought being an aquarius myself, but when you ask me with such poetical and heighten sensibility, I guess my answer would have to be: I hope so. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time – Juliana

      • Well, I hope you find the other twin soon. Nothing beats getting two shots of Inspiration before writing an article. I know that I’ll be jealous 😉

  2. Ha! I think we all feel like that sometimes. Don’t worry–it will find its way back home. It always does. By the sounds of this write, it’s probably not too far away.
    With warm regards,
    Mary Ann

    • It’s nice to know that the ups and downs of writing are shared. 🙂 That moment we find out we are not alone is the moment we feel united to humanity. It’s a wonderful feeling. Thank You. Kind Regards, Juliana

  3. I saw an Inspiration running down the road y’day close to the French border heading south…is your’s pink with blue dots? – If yes: it must have been her!!!

    • My inspiration has no gender, nor color. Though it does take on many different forms throughout the day and night. Maybe someone did take it and that was it! I’m calling the border! 😉

  4. Try to look in some corner of your memory. I know your memory has too many corners, easy to get lost sometimes…

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