#28 A voice-over is worth a thousand minutes…

I’m a day late. Sorry. I do have an excuse though, even is it isn’t a really good excuse.

We worked on Sophie’s voice-over yesterday for Over Lunch and it was a long and strenuous process.

It has been an interesting exercise trying to conceive her voice-over. Writing a voice-over is a challenging act. Not too much, not too little, not too poetical, not too dry.

You have to pass on to the audience a certain amount of information clearly, yet without being too obvious otherwise you lose the timing, some laughs and maybe the suspension of the piece altogether. If you get carried away with your own subtlety you risk not being fully understood, which might jeopardize the continuation of the film in a way. Of course the film should stand alone, but voice overs are a good trick, when used well, to give some extra background information, some tidbits about the character or the situation without having to actually shoot it all as live action. It’s like the reverse effect of a picture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well in the film world, a voice over may save a thousand minutes; which will make your producers very happy.

Of course, the style of the film has to call for such device, but when done properly it can really enhance the story. So we chose to start and end Over Lunch with Sophie’s voice.

Today we are putting it together with the first cut of the film.

Wish me luck. I hope it works.

...like I was actually going to achieve my goals someday.
When I know what they are, I mean.
So I did what anybody would do: I moved countries...


Photo by Eugen Gritschneder © 2012 Dehne Lima FIlm


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