#30 How we got an Oscar…

It’s official. We are getting the most lovable Parson Russell in the world, well if not the whole world, at least in our world.

Uggie on the red carpet to the Oscars

The whole idea of finding the right breed for our lifestyle materialized after watching a movie. I know, how unoriginal since we work in the business. The film was The Artist. Have you seen it? It won a few Oscars this year, hence the name of our newest family member. We had been already researching and after watching the film we just knew. Coming out of the theater all we could talk about was the smart dog that played opposite Jean Dujardin. They say he is a Jack Russell, but Uggie, the dog, is in fact a Parson Russell.

For days it was our topic of conversation and so we started talking about all those dogs that somehow made an imprint in our brains and have become part of our, you included, collective memory. No matter whom you talk to around the world, there are some TV or film characters, played by a man’s best friend, which have made an impression. Like Lassie, the Border Collie, from the hit TV Show of the same name – I was never a fan of the reruns so a border collie was not on our list. Or K9’s, aka German Shepard, which seemed to fill the screens of every police/detective comedy in the 80’s – unfortunately too big for our apartment. The 101 Dalmatians started it for many of us, or in my case, it was the Disney Classic “The Lady and the Tramp” – which made me swear as a child that I’d get a cocker spaniel one day, which I never did, but it sure was on the list. Or how about Beethoven, the huge lovable St Bernard – of course if we got a St Bernard we’d have to move out when it moved in. And not to forget The Adventures of Tintin and his faithful dog Snowy, which only became a movie recently, but I use to have the comic books as a child, a yearly present from family friends in France, and loved that dog. I recently found out that Snowy is also a Parson Russell.

Me in a red dress with little Oscar
© 2012 Dehne Lima FIlm

Faith? No probably just coincidence, but it may be safe to say, if you are looking to get a dog, pay attention to breeds that have crossed the big or small screens and have made you smile. Not only are they trainable, intelligent and patient (have you ever been on a movie set?) but they might just be the breed for you or at least a point to start from.


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