#32 If only I could sound design my life…

Today we have officially started the sound design for Over Lunch. We did record sound during the shoot, but little of it is actually usable once you’ve locked picture. You can barely hear the noises that make up for the environment if you were to only use what is recorded “live”. Everything from footsteps, to drinking, to the texture of clothes rubbing up against a leg or a necklace as actors move is actually designed in post-production way past the actual shot.

Sound design is what brings the moving images to life. Without it scenes are flat. Even silence is designed in the movies.

 If I were to sound design my everyday life, I’d split it between silent films and contemporary films. I’d probably silence all the difficult and depressing moments and bring in some beautiful orchestrated music to narrate the fast forward movements just like in a Chaplin or Keaton film. The good moments I would hand over to a top sound designer to enhance them. To capture the laughs, the wind brushing the flowers, the cheeks bathing in the sun, the sound of rain splattering outside as we watch a film cuddled inside, the neighborhood children running, the dog happily playing, the water washing dishes under the conversation of lovers after dinner, or the candle gently burning as they take another glass of wine; the dinners with friends and family or the sound of our bicycles as we race to yet another meeting; the pages of a book being turned as we eat up its content. I’d enhance the phone conversations with loved ones who live far away. I’d enhance my dancing fingers as they hit the keyboard to rewrite yet another treatment, script or pitch; the singing in the shower. Those are the good moments. The little steps we take towards love, dreams and happiness. At some point it would drop back to a silent film and I’d bring back the full orchestra.

But until we are able to sound design our own existence, we have endless music from our old Vinyl’s to freshly pumped podcasts on our iPod, to accompany us at home, in the office, on the bike, at the gym and during dinner.

Photo (Public Domain) a scene from a Buster Keaton film


2 thoughts on “#32 If only I could sound design my life…

  1. The main character in Lisbon Story by Win Wenders is a film sound engineer, a charming fellow with an interesting job, and with Teresa Salgueiro from Madredeus as the main female character. He captures the sounds of Lisbon, she makes beautiful music and the film is rich with sound textures and the air and the light of the city by the sea.

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