#33 Woody Allen to my right and Time to my left…

We went to see this great documentary about Woody Allen by Robert Weide (we recommend it go see it) and at some point towards the end of the we-wish-it-were-longer film his sister announces that she has never seen him as happy as he is now. I feel compelled to remind you that Woody Allen is 76 years old going on 77.

What’s the point? Well, I’ve only recently found my true calling as a writer and though I was upset I hadn’t discovered it earlier, all those years working in theater and film, I guess it’s irrelevant to feel cheated out of something if we are only going to be truly happy and fulfilled when we hit our 70’s.

See this age obsession, I admittedly had, sort of came from the massive media influence I grew up under in the States. I grew up during the prosperous Clinton era where everything seemed possible, watching the Mickey Mouse Club and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and hearing about 16 year-old turned pop queens/kings overnight. We were all made to believe that we had to be rich, famous or get away with it by the age of 30 or it was all downhill from there; that we would attain if we worked hard enough, were special enough, preferably skinny and pretty enough or if we were discovered. The older I got, the younger the rich and famous became, and I never got discovered, no knocks on doors no phone calls, so the more frustrated I became. During college, I consumed most of my creative energy into reading bios of young actors, directors and writers to understand the formula to success. Needless to say, I have come to terms with the fact that there is no formula. And here I am hitting my 30’s completely unknown, still paying off my student loan and making ends meet, with the difference that I’m finally at the beginning.

I am soothed by the fact that a filmmaker whose body of work I really enjoy and whose work ethics I look up to, has only recently seem to have found inner peace. So I raise my invisible glass and toast with nobody in particular to the power of good art. I have now put all of my creative energy into consuming and producing good art and learning how to enjoy the process. If now is my beginning than I’m looking at 40 more productive years, at least.

I have left the stalking bios on imdb.com phase behind me. Also, I hope I’m not the one who breaks it to you, but there is no such thing as “being discovered” (you work pretty damn hard at it) and I believe that age is but a number we have created so that the IRS can keep track of our existence.

So don’t fear. Time is on our side. Now go out and make good art, make a few films, write a few books and hopefully make rent while you are at it. 


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