#34 How to finance your filmmaking career…

We all know it takes years to make a film. It usually takes even longer to make an independent film. We also know that most of us have to put a film out there before we can even start our careers. Nobody will take a chance on you if you don’t show work. Of course to show work you need to make it. And it’s almost impossible to make the work to show if you don’t have…

a) parents, partner or friends who are absolutely willing to put their money on your crazy dreams

b) a hefty inheritance

c) you’ve worked your ass off at an investment bank or in the IT branch and you can now take the time to pursue your real passion which is filmmaking.

The normal route is to simply have a full-time job that, ideally, still allows you enough time to put your energy into movie making. Of course in the real world it hardly ever pans out that way, that’s why it’s called a full-time job, but if you are tenacious you will get that first film done, even if it takes you 7 years or more. The key is to keep going.

Now I really wished I had the formula to financing your filmmaking life, so I could sell that and finance our filmmaking careers with the earnings, but unfortunately I’m like you and have no formula for most things we really want to achieve in life.

We manage to do it with odd jobs, part-time jobs, family rescue and keeping our living expenses to a minimum. We, unlike most of our peers from back in college, do not have a steady pay check, cannot afford to put a down payment on a house and still go to meetings on our bikes, I mean bicycles not motorcycles, but it’s all for the greater good.

So I have no idea how you can finance your filmmaking life, but I do know that if making good money is important to you than don’t go into filmmaking, especially indie filmmaking.

“Over Lunch” © 2012 Dehne Lima FIlm
Photo by Simone Naumann


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