#35 I’m officially a fan, the Dark Knight Rises…

This is it. I’m officially a Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan and Emma Thomas fan. The Dark Knight Rises is an incredible display of intelligent entertaining blockbuster filmmaking. Maybe I thought it was incredible because I had read so many disappointed reviews that I went in not expecting much, but I must say, I can’t even fathom where the disappointment comes from.

It’s well written, well-acted, well-directed, well produced and kept me fully entertained. It’s a film made both for the masses and the artists, the public and the film business. To go to the cinema and be complete submersed in a film is something that happens seldom. Probably because we are filmmakers ourselves, though still at the beginning of our careers, and we end up noticing everything from continuity mistakes and inorganic/inconsistent acting, to indecisive directing choices, holes in the script, and even your occasional producing limitations (if you can’t pay for it, don’t write it, and if you did write it and can’t pay for it, don’t shoot it).  It’s always easier said than done of course, so we do tend to be more understanding when it comes to independent films but less forgiving when it comes to studio films.

The Dark Knight Rises, had none of those, or at least I personally didn’t notice any flaws. There was a great bad guy (Tom Hardy), great stunts, consistency and weight to the story, a great conflicted good guy (Christian Bale) and better performances than I would’ve have expected from supporting roles. So you may not like the film, but you cannot deny it’s brilliance in achieving what very few blockbusters achieve: entertaining both public and film people.  This may sound trivial but in the film business you either  end up making a film for an audience or a film for a festival. It is usually very hard to attain both, few filmmakers do it, even fewer do it within the limitations of a Blockbuster.

The Batman trilogy put out by the Nolan-Nolan (for 2 out of the 3 films)- Thomas clan has definitely achieved both. And for someone, like me, who grew up with Keaton and Nicholson embodying the infamous comic book, I must say, it never even crossed my mind that they have been replaced. I’ve watched the new Batman trilogy as if I had never seen a Batman film before. That alone makes watching them worthwhile.

I was in awe when I walked out of the movie theater.

Hope more films of its kind come to fruition.


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