#36 One more week until…

We are entering our last week of post-production. A few more days of dark rooms, decisions, hearing, watching, change of mind, better decisions and we should have a ready copy of Over Lunch by next week.

 It’s been a long process from writing, producing, being on set to the first cringe in the editing room, the part that you watch the first cut and just think: what the hell?, to the last cut, oh yeah it’s a process!, to watching the film without sound during color correction, to hearing the film come alive for the first time with sound design, to watching the beginning and the credit roll 30 times to adjust Titles and to make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone, just to name a few. Post-production is definitely exciting but also requires patience; a different kind of patience than anything that comes before. It all pays off.

Photo by Simone Naumann Fotografie
2012 © “Over Lunch” – Dehne Lima FIlm

How refreshing to discover, besides the fact that ARRI Film & TV is a wonderful place to be, that we never get tired of watching our own film. Well, I guess no parent gets tired of watching his or her own kid grow-up, and a film is like watching your own “baby” develop, from conception to final product and then it becoming what you envisioned, more or less. I know it might sound like an overstatement to you, but it’s really not when you think of the time and energy you pour into making one. The sleepless nights, the constant thinking about it, the lingering over a decision, and then hoping you made the right one, the bumps along the way,  constant problem-solving, the complete nervousness and insecurity you feel when you show it to “outside” people for the first time. It’s like that fear you get when people finally come visit your newborn child and your scared people might not find your creation as beautiful as you do. Or when it’s grown-up you hoped it would become a doctor, but instead it (meaning the child, your hopes of a bright future) becomes an artist of some kind with no means of supporting itself. I mean we are only humans; we all have our fears.

I can’t wait to see it all up on-screen, ready for the world to watch. 6 months of vigorous work for 15 minutes of screen. Welcome to the film business.

And needless to say, the work is only starting. With a finished film you now need to enter the world of: promotion, selling, distribution, attending festivals or making a big opening weekend splash, marketing, and promoting it some more… while you are already working on your next couple of projects. 🙂


2 thoughts on “#36 One more week until…

  1. It’s so lovely that you’re posting all this insights frequently and regularly! – I never watched the making off a film in real time from the far…and it’s intensely enjoyable! Almost as much fun as being inside! 🙂

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