#37 Over 120 people made it possible…

Support. We all need it, especially in the creative and scientific fields. We don’t really achieve anything on our own. It’s a lie if you think you do. I think most of us think we do when we are teenagers and when we are struggling in our 20’s. We want to believe that we worked hard and achieved things on our own; it somehow proves our adulthood and sounds powerful. The talent and the sweat are your own, no doubt, the will and the drive as well, but you can’t achieve greatness without support: be it financial, emotional or professional. There are people who are going to believe in you and help you get to the next level, whatever that may be. Don’t waste your time and energy pretending you do things completely on your own because you rarely do.  Behind great thinkers, artists and scientists there is usually a family of some kind, a financial support of some sum (until you can support yourself with your art or research), and/or an encouraging figure of some sort. As I look back at my own growing up I realized that I was always too eager to be independent from my parents, my surroundings and do my own thing. I didn’t know what my own thing was, until I met my husband, who was another huge support, but I was on the path to achieving it. Somehow. Or I thought. As you grow older you learn that it doesn’t make you cooler or better to shun down any kind of support, and well you-can-do-it-on-your-own-kind-of-attitude, just slows you down. A film is no different. You will never get a film done on your own. You need friends, family and professionals who believe in you and support you in any way they can. That’s why when I see a low-budget independent film I always wonder about the people who made the film possible. A friend who introduced the director to an editor who could work for low-pay; a parent who helped by throwing in a few thousands to finish the film; a teacher in college who had the patience to answer all your questions and read all your productions (not that it happened to me); or maybe a friend of a friend who had a free space to rehearse in; family and friends, who pitched in with their own talents and time; professionals who saw potential in you and gave you a chance. Support comes in many shapes and sizes.

So, you believe that the world is completely lost, populated by greedy individualists and uncaring folks? Try to put a low-budget independent film together and you’ll see that it’s not exactly true. It might even surprise you how rapidly support has a way of finding you when passion is involved. With passion comes honesty and with honesty comes hope. Where there is hope, there is a way, and hope can only be nurtured by support. So remember those who made your path possible and honor them whenever you get the chance. As we finish our credit roll list for Over Lunch, we are deeply honored to have gathered over 120 names of individuals who collectively supported and made Over Lunch possible, giving us hope of a very bright future ahead. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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