#39 Tom Hanks and Over Lunch: the Second Step…

One week in the film business means of course, that it won’t only take a week. We discovered that since writing blog #36 (we are now on #39), where I cheerfully announced that we were only one week away from finishing Over Lunch. Lesson learned. Never underestimate the time it actually takes to get something done, anything done in the film business. It has obviously taken a bit longer. Mainly because Cloud Atlas was rushed in and had to get done first, so our titles got bumped back a few weeks since we shared the same title designer. It’s ok, Cloud Atlas has Tom Hanks in it. I mean Tom Hanks…wasn’t he in Big? I loved the FAO Schwarz scene when I was a kid. 😉 Anyway, it would be a bit odd if it didn’t get higher priority in the chain. It’s completely understandable. So we patiently waited.

So the next question on your mind is: What do filmmakers do when their post-production is on hold?

a)     Sex, Drugs and Rock&Roll.

b)    Go to the south of France and lavish on great food and the wonderful view.

c)     Bored at home doing nothing.

Well, it’s actually none of the above. Yes, how unglamorous.  Life goes on and you keep working to pay bills and you work on your future projects, which is what we did. We wrote Over Lunch: The Second Step. You heard it, er… read it, right! Over Lunch gets a sequel, even if it is a short film. We got so excited about Over Lunch, that we wrote a sequel to it.

Today we were back reviewing the titles that were designed for Over Lunch and giving our last comments. So this time I’ll just say: it’ looks like Over Lunch will be finished this week!

Keeping fingers crossed!

 I’m bursting! 🙂


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