#40 you gotta love the 21st century…

Granted many things are wrong with this century, up in the air and completely uncertain, one thing is right: if you are an artist of any kind, you basically don’t depend on people in high positions or a break to get your career started. You depend on your energy, motivation, endurance and tactics, but when it comes down to it, you have little excuse NOT to do whatever it is you proclaim love to. I know that many will read this and think: yes but what about financial means? Well, we’ve got limited financial means and still manage to push through it. Of course we chose this path to, well, vacations, traveling or shopping (we still have the same winter clothes from when we met), but it’s a choice.

Not to get side-tracked. Remember my post about sucking at computers? Well, I’ve just redesigned our website and I still suck at computers. Hence I’m no designer and you will see that when you check the website out, but we don’t have the cash at the moment to invest in an actual website, so we searched for alternatives. There are tools out there, like wix.com, to help you do it yourself, and that’s what we did. We’ve been keeping the Blog now for about a year, and though I really enjoy posting every Monday (sorry guys, this week on a Tuesday), we felt that maybe not everyone enjoys blogs and would like to know fast facts about us and our projects before they set up a meeting or after they have met us somewhere. We are a curious species. I mean who doesn’t Facebook someone to “check them out” after a meeting/date/party or prior to all of the above? Technically you could just Facebook us, but alas, we’ve discovered that not everyone has a Facebook profile. Last week my brother redesigned a website for my mother’s publishing company and I decided to use the same tool to redesign something for us. How great is that? The possibility of doing most things yourself, self promote, self distribute, self design, self manage, also means a lot of work, but you don’t depend on producers or agents or galleries or bookstores to get your work out there. This makes our times very different from our history and probably very different from our future.

So if you’ve got work to show the world, now is the time.

Just do it before new business models are created; new venues, new deals, new economy.  By then it might be too late.



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