#41 Segregating a joint venture for the sake of bureaucracy…

It really bugs me that I can’t choose creative team. Chris and I are a team. If you want to produce one of our films, you’ll get the package. A film by Juliana and Christian Lima Dehne. That’s how we roll. I physically write and he physically directs but in conjunction to one another’s thoughts and ideas of where the story and the vision are headed. I’m looking at these festival applications thinking: how outdated can you get?

Didn’t they update the possible permutations of creativeness once Indie films came into force in the 90’s? There are so many teams out there (!) like the documentarians Alan and Susan Raymond, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine), Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden (Half Nelson) or Glen Ficarra and John Requa (I love you Phillip Morris), just to name a few.

No they didn’t think of it and so I’m stuck with two options: director or more than one director. But I didn’t direct Over Lunch on set. I wrote it. But I didn’t write it on my own. Chris and I both conceived the story. Then I stepped in and did what I can do well which is the actual writing. Then we had a script and came up with a vision for it… together. Then Chris stepped in to do what he can do well. Details. We talked about colors, style, inspiration. He went off with our Director of Photography to devise up shots, the overall look. Then he would come home and ask me what I thought about those shots, how I saw what we wrote. We made creative decisions together. On set we would sometimes huddle in the corner, trying to be inconspicuous, and discuss a scene, what could be done to make it work, if we could take it another direction. During the editing process, he sat in; I sat out and would come when summoned. It helps to have a fresh eye. To me this is the creative process of a team; a creative team who conceives a film together.

I bet Ethan and Joel ran into this exact same problem at some point and just decided to share all the credits so there would be no discussion that “A Film by” meant really a film by the both of them.

Over Lunch is a film by Juliana & Christian Lima Dehne.

Anyway, onto segregating a joint venture for the sake of bureaucracy. 


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