#44 Twitter 101

I know I’ll admit it. I’m slow. I just opened a twitter account @JLimaDehne. How pathetic is that? I feel like I’m always 5 years behind, but then again I’m a late bloomer so it’s ok. I’m a kid from the 80’s. I think it has something to do with that. Consumer computers were just coming out. Cell phones were either massive or had a whole apparatus to it (we owned the kind with the antenna, that ran on car batts and it actually looked like a house phone and calls were ridiculously expensive). We didn’t spend time in front of the computer, we still made it to every play date on time, never got lost going anywhere, and ran a lot. We lived time differently. Somewhat slower. Like they do in Europe (which I have learned is not a bad thing, after many many years in New York City, you just have to learn to be patient with it).

Now the most running I do is after our puppy when he’s got something in his mouth he shouldn’t have. I do pay for a gym though, my conscience is clear. Not to get side tracked, like I said I just opened a twitter account and am pretty lost in twitter world. It’s so much information that I don’t know where to begin, who to talk to, what to say. I’m tired already and I haven’t even started. It’s like a direct reflection of the times we are living. That’s why we wrote and made Over Lunch, but not to get sidetracked. I’m sure there is an up side to spurring your opinions in 140 characters at every second of the day. It’s probably an awesome tool to learn how to pitch your film succinctly. I’m probably not the first one who thought of that either. I’m sure there are many screenwriter pitching their ideas on twitter everyday. Don’t think it’s the best place to do it though.

In the end, what does twitter really bring? A network? Value? Ideas? Fame? Fortune? A better life? Numbers? Attention Spam Deficit?

It probably gets in the way of any actual writing, but I’ll count it as unproductive research and budget it in.

This blog entry already feels like a novel after one day of twittering. I’m gonna get back on it, before I forget what exactly I’m doing on WordPress.



2 thoughts on “#44 Twitter 101

  1. Hi Juliana

    We’ve been chatting on twitter, and I thought I would check out your blog.

    For me, Twitter is for exchanging quick comments and references, as we do when running into someone on the street. A blog is more like the front porch – a place for a longer chat and for the discussion of ideas in a more considered way. Like architecture and urban design, media create a kind of social space that supports public discussions. Conversations create space; shared conversations create shared space; public conversations create public space. That’s the way I like to think of it, anyway.

    Venturing out with a Twitter post or a blog entry is like stepping out on the balcony or porch, or going for a walk in the big, exciting, unpredictable city. If we all stayed home, if we all remained cocooned in our comfortable, protected, private spaces and gardens, there would be no urban activity, no city life, no public to speak of. Public life exists to the extent that we make an effort to be seen and heard in public. So, I thank you for starting a Twitter account and venturing out where I and others can bump into you and say – “how about that weather, eh” (I’m originally Canadian). What we say to one another in public is less important than the fact that we are making contact, that we are activating public space and thinking about our relationship to others and to our environment.

    Also, I think it’s great that you are allowing yourself to get sidetracked. As Michael Ondaatje wrote, “Meander if you want to get to town” (In the Skin of a Lion, p. 146).


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