#46 Being on the other side…

So I must admit, I first heard about the guy who jumped from space today. A day after he actually did it. I saw it all over Social Media, then I had a meeting and heard it during the meeting, so I took the next logical step. I came back to my writing desk and well, wasted a bit of my time to watch the greatest fall ever made by one single man. He landed and survived and now is much talked about all over the world. The only question I really have is: why? The following questions would be: Does it prove something? Does it advance humanity? Does it bring us closer to some sort of greatness? Ok… so you might argue that the guy had a dream, went out convinced a lot of people with money and means that they wanted to be part of his crazy dream, got sponsored, brought hundreds of people together to work for this one goal, developed and perfected the dream and successfully made it happen. That’s when it hit me.  He sounds like a filmmaker. Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about making films. You know, once in a while when you look at the world around you and realize how many things are wrong with it, how many things you could actually do to make a difference, things that can really change people’s lives, you sit back and think, OMG, I make films, that’s not exactly actively fighting for a cause. In the large scheme of things, how many films have actually changed the course of humanity? … But they will, I assure you. I believe that. I have to. I make them. We make them. We are dedicating our lives to them, so they must have a purpose; even if it is “just” entertaining. Except now, finally and thankfully, I got a little taste of what other people might think of what I do or better… I understand now how other people may perceive what I do. Like watching this guy fall and think to myself: all the commotion, money and 7 years of work for that? Yes… all that for 5 minutes of YouTube time. So thank you Felix Baumgartner for making me understand how it feels to “be on the other side”. Also thank you for making my choice of profession seem like it’s not as pointless as some people declare it to be, you know, when thinking about things that really matter, like health, fairness, human condition, being proactive and stuff. At least we tend to please a larger number of people, we also do write stories that bring attention to important issues, we tap into dreams and if we fail to hit theaters, we can always come out on DVD… but I guess you can too. 


2 thoughts on “#46 Being on the other side…

  1. Thanks to the five male family members I was allowed to spend my Sunday with, I had the pleasure to watch Felix live. Seeing him twisting and not hearing him breath made us think “Now he’s dead.” Watching him stabilize and hearing him talk made the old and young boys around me cheer in joy.
    I mainly thought “Idiotic. What a waste of time and money.”
    But indeed – that’s very much my point of view…

  2. Thanks for commenting! Yes, in the end, I wrote the blog entry to understand why I wasn’t exactly fascinated by what he did like so many people around me, and understood how it actually affected me. It was important to experience it and understand that a dream is a dream and making a dream really happen allows humanity to collectively dream… and that makes us unite, that opens doors to future dreamers and visionaries. So in the end be it films or jumping from space, sometimes dreaming is all we have (even though not every dream is specifically yours). – J. Lima Dehne

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