#48 A break?!…

Sorry for last week. I didn’t post. I wonder if you noticed.

Well more than to any reader out there, my disciplined mind (a very strong recommended tool for any writer) has made me feel very lousy about not having had time to post my monday blog series up last week. I was in Brazil, shooting material about an amazing Educational curriculum my mother (Elvira Souza Lima) has compiled over the past 20 years, with experience in three different continents, that is actually being implemented, in its grass root phase, and delivering amazing results. From the less-fortunate children of the rural areas of Minas Gerais to the over-privileged children of São Paulo, everyone is learning how to write, not only to read, but to write. Literacy is a human right and you’d be surprised how many humans are deprived of the opportunity and worse yet, how many teachers and educational systems in the world exist that do not teach our children properly and therefore reading and writing problems pop up when they are around 10, 11, 12 years old. It’s when the brain hits a certain maturing level, consolidating all the information we’ve been exposed to up until then and whatever our neurons did not embed in synapses, therefore storing information in our long-term memory, means we didn’t really learn it very well. I’ve learned that the brain has many maturing stages and chemical changes during those processes.  It’s quite interesting, but I’m far from being an expert on the subject, so that is the extent of my notes.

On Monday, of last week, we travelled from Juiz de Fora to Rio de Janeiro under almost 40 degree weather in a car with no air conditioning, then took a plane from Rio to São Paulo, then took a cab to my parents’ and then I was sick. Two days later I had to leave for Munich and arrived in zero degree weather. Needless to say, my less than athletic body, gave in and my jet lag was horrendous for a couple of days. So now that I can think straight and be productive again, I had to apologize to you and to my disciplined conscience for not making it happen last week. It won’t happen again. I write my blogs in real-time. I don’t prepare them before. It’s part of the challenge I set for myself, so whenever you read it, you know I wrote it right before I posted it. Like this one. Which is the first thing I’m doing today (after I checked my emails, I admit).

So even though brain experts do say that we need to take breaks from our routines, blogging once a week is not really strenuous, so I wonder if it would ever require a break. We need to take breaks, which aren’t really breaks, for inspiration, for meditating or to exercise a bit more, to organize thought, the paths to our goals, but not from a once a week deal. It feels like cheating. Well, to me it does. Now I’m back on the wagon and will keep going without any more breaks, pauses, I mean not posting.

My coffee break is coming up. 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

Photo by me

© Juliana Lima Dehne 2012


4 thoughts on “#48 A break?!…

  1. I can testify it was a very exausting tour, but worthwhile. and the views were fantanstic.
    It was very nice that you came along!!

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