#50 Social Media, Creative Minds, Exhibition, all in one (+ an interview)…

A project that was born out of a thesis assignment, is well on its way to becoming a reference for independent artists from all over the world who search for online communities to belong to: to share, question, exchange, showcase. Components is visited by 800-1000 people a day and has already over 200 participants. 

Components was envisioned by the Munich-based photographer Simone Naumann as a platform to not only join creative minds within social media boundaries but also create a physical photography installation with all its participants and have it exhibited. We immediately became interested in the physical aspect of it and sent in our picture, our profession and a quote that best represented us, our thoughts or/and our beliefs. The exhibition Components first happened in Austria at the beginning of this year and we went to check it out. We were immediately hooked. It’s like social media of the future. Connect online to produce real offline projects. To be inspired, to engage, to network and to do so with artists and creatives from all over the world, which is personally something I love. Cultural and Linguistic diversity. 

I’m pretty sure they will have Components gatherings in the near future because it is such a novelty concept. It’s like a neighborhood within the very impersonal made to think personal virtual world. It’s like social media at its best, Social Media that creates tangible reality. What started out as a one-time deal has definitely become an unlimited color pallet of possibilities. We are so glad we took part in it when it started and very eager to be part of its development.

Now they have started this wonderful interview section called “Breakfast with” and this past Sunday, Christian got interviewed.

Check it out and hope to bump into you on Components!


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