#53 Champagne please… and other things about blogging

:-)It has officially been one year since I’ve started the Monday Blog Series. First I do need to say Thank You to everyone out there who follows the blog or checks it every so often and actually READS what I write. I’m very honored and deeply touched that you do, so thank you. Also I must say, thank you Dad for urging me to keep a blog when I was a teen. I’ve finally managed! (…better very late than never).

Now the Monday Series has entered the one year and one week mark. To commemorate this achievement of sorts, here are a few things I’ve learned about blogging, in case anyone out there is interested in starting one.

1)    If you say you are going to post, then post. I’ve noticed that when I don’t post on a Monday (sometimes I admittedly posted on a Tuesday) my Stats drop drastically. We all like some sort of routine. It calms the brain down and tackles those levels of anxiety. Our brain functions on it. [read Sacks, Damasio or Brizendine].  So write and post. That is after all the essence of blogging.

2)    I gave myself the challenge of blogging once a week because I thought it would be a realistic goal for myself as well as for those reading. I did sign up for blogs as well and as a reader I’ve found out that over-posting kills it for me as much as erratic-posting. I’m pretty content with my Monday Blog Series. At least I know I can deliver once a week. So be consistent and deliver what you promised.

3)    …which requires discipline! Discipline is key to writing. Any form of writing. Keeping a blog has helped me embody that discipline into my own writing (screenplays, treatments, notes, etc). If you aren’t working on a TV show which really requires you to write on the spot, then I’d suggest you keep a blog to train that ability.

4)    I try to keep my blog entries short so more people are prone to actually taking the time to read it. As a reader I find anecdotes and short stories online much more palatable as anything longer than 2 pages. Long entries either have to be superbly written or really a field of interest to me to keep my eyes glued to the screen. I’m still very much a paper in hand kind of person. I like books, pages, smell, and touch. I still have a very hard time reading extensively on a computer. But that may be just me. I would still suggest shorter entries as opposed to very long ones.

"Champagne" by Hitchcock

“Champagne” by Hitchcock

5)    Illustrations are always a nice add-on. I try to always match my words visually with an illustration. So bring in some visuals and your readers will thank you (unless you are Prost or Hemingway and are just that good with words alone).

Blogging can be an avid tool to any writer to work on the craft of writing. The more you read and write, the better writer you will be.

I’m sure I’ll remember some other things after I’ve posted this entry, but for now I raise an imaginary glass to toast another year to come.

(and now I’m drinking the imaginary champagne from the imaginary glass)…


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