#54 The end of the world… (yes I’m also gonna write about it)


If the end of the world really happens, then I will have not accomplished everything I wanted to. Luckily for me I will have no time to regret the things I still haven’t done because, well, if it is the end of the world that basically implies that we will all be dead. It’s quite practical.

 So I will spend the rest of my days on earth, like there is a tomorrow. I will enjoy dinners with my husband as usual, enjoy outing with friends, keep working, keep dreaming, keep taking our dog to the park, keep complaining about something (one must complain about something, it’s fashionable in Europe) and I will keep wishing every night we had a dishwasher. I will keep whatsapp’ing friends and family all over the world. I will keep looking forward to Christmas and New Year’s, skyping with my parents and go Glühwein drinking with all my in-laws. I will keep reminding myself everyday that the shampoo is out and I need to buy more, I will keep postponing washing my hair until I do. Dirty hair won’t matter when the end of the world comes. But don’t worry I will buy the shampoo tomorrow. I will keep watching films and I will keep planning the year 2013. I will keep having ideas and writing them down. I will keep smiling and believing “it will happen”. I will keep my deadlines and discuss new ones.Yes I will keep putting them in my calendar. In large I will keep at it. Life.That is.

Live like there is a tomorrow and you will live to its fullest, because a tomorrow allows for change, for growth, for goals and for results.

I never was a fan of “live today like there is no tomorrow” because that would mean that if today sucked then you would be doomed.

So to all of you stressing with the whole end of the world ordeal, live like there is a tomorrow and you’ll be fine. And for all of you daring yourself because hey the world is going to end anyway, my one question is: why the hell did you wait so long?

Keep enjoying the Holiday Season and see you next Monday… if we make it. 🙂


4 thoughts on “#54 The end of the world… (yes I’m also gonna write about it)

  1. found by Axel Hacke on facebook:
    Falls jemand noch vor dem Welt-Ende zittert: Leser S. schickt eine Anekdote aus der Schule. Thema in der 6 Klasse: der von den Mayas angeblich vorhergesagte Weltuntergang am 21. Dezember. Sebastian meldet sich und sagt, die Prophezeiung sei natürlich unsinnig. Denn wäre sie wahr, würde Aldi nicht plakatieren, dass Feuerwerkskörper erst ab dem 29. Dezember verkauft würden. Also ruhig bleiben alle!

  2. and another witty Facebook comment: “Kerstin Lindner In der Hauptstadt machen wir uns darüber keine Sorgen. Der Regierende Bürgermeister lässt mitteilen, dass Berlin diesen Termin wohl nicht halten kann.”

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