#56 Happy New Year!

I guess this is supposed to be a happy time. A time to start over. A time to celebrate. A time to make resolutions and not keep them. A time to wish the people you love a happy new year. A time of collective joy.

I find myself on the other spectrum of things not full of hope or joy or any other sentiment of collective second chances. I find myself wanting to celebrate in silence the new year that arrives tomorrow. To regain my energies so I can write many beautiful stories, many good screenplays and hopefully one great one. So I have energy to keep the motivation up no matter the obstacles, because life is full of them.

Don’t get discouraged is the thought that comes to mind. See now that makes me smile.

I wish you a very happy new year, in case you follow the Gregorian calendar. And if not then thanks for stopping by anyway.

Happy New Year from Oscarito

See you in 2013!

Sent from Juliana’s soon to be outdated communication device – don’t mind the typos



2 thoughts on “#56 Happy New Year!

  1. I’ve been thinking about Oscar when all the hurly burly went off at midnight…Wishing you a great 2013 and hoping you got well in to it indeed is S.

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