#57… I almost forgot…

 It’s funny. When you start giving people your material to read you have to know how to listen and make changes. That’s what they teach you and tell you over and over. I agree to a certain extent. You must also learn how to listen to yourself and have confidence in your own craft. If you can defend an idea based on a little more (and plus some) than your own emotions, then I say stick to it. It is after all your voice and that’s the only thing you’ve got that sets you apart from everyone else.  If people like your voice, they will read you, they will hire you, and they will even praise you at times.

 I think the difference between a professional (or most) and an amateur, or aspiring, is not a monetary difference – there are many people out there who get paid for mediocre writing and many great writers who haven’t yet really gotten a break yet- but that of knowing when to step in and defend your work; It is knowing when to be confident about a choice and not allowing every little thing said about it sway you any other way. Confidence comes with knowledge and knowledge can be acquired, just like talent is no divine gift from some greater force. Talent is developed aptitude… and you can only develop it if you put the time, discipline and energy into it.

 Start acquiring and developing and I don’t mean production.

 Ask me in ten years time if this is the one thing I’ve learned through thick and thin in the business and I’ll say: thank you for reminding me, I almost forgot I wrote that once. How funny. typewriter


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