#58 For all you crazy lovers out there…

What I learned today.

For all of you out there who are in love and planning on doing something crazy…beware:

 It’s a bad idea to buy a one-way ticket. It’s a really bad idea to leave your stuff with family members who themselves move countries. And it’s an even worse idea to think that your things are still intact after you’ve neglected them for a few years.

This is my story.

I flew to Europe in 2010 to see about a boy who, at that time, was living in the Netherlands. We had met in Eastern Europe a few months prior and, as I had already made my way back to NYC, he invited me to come over to see the world premiere of his film at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. So I did what any girl in love would do, I said yes. So a one-way ticket was bought because I’d figure out later how to pay for the way back. I left my things, because well who the hell knew that the boy would become my husband, we’d move together to Germany and start a new life? Right? Well, I as sure didn’t.

So the last thing on my mind was how do I get my books, my DVDs, my Japanese furniture, my vintage second-hand clothes, etc. over to Germany. I had to learn a new language, get to know my environment, meet new people, apply for a grant, work in a language I couldn’t speak and as an independent filmmaker you tend to be wary about where you decide to invest your money and passion seems to have a way of always winning.

Now you’re thinking, but what’s the problem? You left your stuff with family. Well I left everything with a family member who moved to London two years ago and who doesn’t remember where he left my things. Now we are going back to NYC and I remembered that I left my things to begin with, I really had high hopes of the improbable, finally being reunited with my… things. It would’ve been a beautiful ending to my story.

Except upon receiving the news that I might never rejoice in being reunited with my… well, things… I realized that it was a “bad idea” to fall in love, move to Europe, buy a one-way ticket (I mean who does that?), get married and stay in Germany. Worse I  neglected my… well, things. That I bought. That everyone else also has. Those, things.

So if you find yourself in love and ready to do something (positively) crazy, make sure you DO NOT leave your things behind. You might never see them again. Whatever they are.

© madame christine

© madame christine


4 thoughts on “#58 For all you crazy lovers out there…

  1. Nice story and nice to read you’re free again (as Chuck Palahniuk puts it, “the things you used to own, now they own you”; I think it’s good to lose everything once in a while, particularly when it’s over such a one-way ticket)

  2. Absolutely! That’s exactly why I wrote the entry. I’m a big fan of Chekov and if you play his plays only at the first layer you think: wow, what a depressing/tragic guy what a dramatic play. If you play it how he intentionally wrote it you’ll hear your audience laughing. 😉 In the end things are mere things, I couldn’t even tell you what I actually had because I’ve forgotten so it was all very unimportant after all. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting! – Juliana

  3. what are things in comparison to a wonderful husband? Not much at the end of the day! It is great to met you here and I am glad that you have bought a one-way ticket like about twenty years ago my husband

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