#59 Making-Of: from Art to Over Lunch…

LenbachhausAs usual, we go to a museum or gallery on Sundays for inspiration. My husband and I, that is, sometimes with friends, sometimes with family, but mostly just us. Yesterday we went to a new exhibition in the underground Kunstbau museum in Munich, one of my favorite use of space in this city, which was for me a first of its kind… the exhibition I mean, though the museum space as well, the first time I visited in 2011. The exhibition is called “ Kunst ist schön aber macht viel Arbeit”. A quote from Karl Valentin that translates to “Art is beautiful but it sure is a lot of work”, and in that spirit, the exhibition does just that. It reveals the amount of work a museum, the people of course, not the establishment, undertakes to put an exhibition together. The whole “simplified”, yet equally interesting, process is currently available for public viewing. From how paintings get transported between continents, to how it arrives to its displaying destination, to the massive details of where and how to hang paintings, position sculptures or place pieces to somehow transpire the concept of the exhibition, logging information, taking pictures for catalogues, restoration, and all that jazz, you can get a glimpse beyond the walls of a museum. It’s almost an homage to “process”. The process we artists live for, and non-artists never get to see. It’s for me just as exciting as the making-of segments of any DVD Extra out there.

 I’ll admit it. When I buy or receive a DVD, the first thing I do is to check out the Extras. The making-of part of a film is my favorite part. Even if the film is not great, I always seem to enjoy watching how they managed to shoot a scene. So if you are the process-honed kind of person, I strongly recommend attending the exhibition at the Lenbachhaus-Kunstbau in Munich. If you are not in Munich then check out one of our made exclusively for the cast and crew of  Over Lunch making-of segment right here on your computer screen. It carries no Kandinsky’s or Hubbuch’s but it might just give you the same feeling the wonderful exhibition gave me yesterday.


click for video

click to view


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