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DehneLimaFIlmWe are extremely excited to be travelling back to the States this week. Well I’m going back and Chris is going for the first time. I mean as a nomad I can’t really say I’m going home because home is where my family is, but as a nomad I’m really darn happy to be going back to something I know like the palm of my hand.

It’s the first time we will show Over Lunch to an American audience. It’s one of the first times we show Over Lunch at all since its completion a few months ago. We made the film for an audience so you can imagine how nervous and excited we are to present the film to a room full of strangers in a State neither of us has been to. If people in Munich and people in Sanford and people in Atlanta and people in São Paulo and people in New York City like the film, then maybe there is something there; a style, an idea, a subject matter or a structure that works and can be further explored. As filmmakers you can’t please everyone, but you can sure keep a target-audience in mind when developing projects. Films are financed because an audience goes to the film theater to watch it, or buys a DVD, or gets VOD or pays a monthly subscription to Netflix. An audience consumes. Films are usually too expensive to make to not worry about them. Even in Germany, where technically films are subsidized, and therefore you would think the pressure to sell would somehow be dampen, films must still fit a consumer’s profile so it can be later shown on the specific TV Channel that backed the project up to begin with. So no matter where you are in the world, unless you’ve created a name for yourself, you are looking to fit the mold yet be fresh and original. It’s like having a split personality. On one side you must find your unique voice and believe in it and defend your vision, bring something new into the world, get people excited about it, on the other side you’ve got to fit models, business models, genres, frames, shoeboxes, molds that have worked in the past and that people are willing to invest money in the future.

Over Lunch 2013We made Over Lunch with all of this in mind. So you see, it’s really important to get audiences’ reactions. That’s one of the reasons film festivals exist. I mean, many of them have become transaction offices where distribution and filmmakers meet to make deals and they are mostly attended by film professionals and that is where art-house wins, but there are also festivals out there that do what we are all here for: to connect a film or movie to an audience and vice-versa, no matter if it’s commercial or art-house, studio or independent, as long as it entertains. (Entertain does come from the French word entretenir that came from Latin inter tenere which means among + to hold. So if a film “holds” you it is entertaining you no matter the genre, length or theme. Just wanted to clarify that entertainment is not only synonym for big studio action movies).

If you happen to be in or around Sanford, Florida check out www.loveyourshorts.com for time and tickets (Over Lunch – Comedy Section) and come on down!

If you happen to be curious about the whole experience, we’ll be posting regularly on twitter @DehneLimaFilm and on Facebook so don’t forget to LIKE DehneLimaFIlm to follow our USA adventures.

I must add I’m extremely happy to be going to NYC, a city that brought me to filmmaking, where I still have extremely dear friends and where new opportunities are always around the corner. Both Chris and I would like to thank my amazing mother for such a generous early birthday present, making our travels possible. 🙂

To everyone else: Happy Mardi Gras!

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