#65 Skittles between act 2 and 3… my apology

I can’t believe I completely forgot about the Monday Blog Series. I was so immersed in the screenplay I am currently writing that it really slipped my mind. That may be a great sign for my screenplay writing but not so great for the blog writing. Maybe that also happened because I was really using all my brainpower to get through ACT 2 and safely into ACT 3 on the board; if you can call them acts. Coming from the theater I tend to call them acts but they could also be like the papers and dissertations I use to have to write in college: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Whatever you call them, they are up on my wall.


I’m writing an ensemble piece (I know, I didn’t make it easy on myself) and I’m currently indexing major occurrences and turning points and sticking them up on my wall and it’s a slow process. Mainly since I’m not secluded in some mountain with no Internet access or daily problem solving obligations. No, I’m sitting in my apartment, where I have my writing corner, in a city, full of other people (lots of whom I don’t know at all), some that I do know and must engross in conversation every once in a while.

I always have this image in my head, that if you are locked up in some tower of some castle far away from civilization, then you can write away, like the wind and draft up 120 pages in no time.

 Of course, I don’t really know anyone who gets to do that. I read about authors having the opportunity to do just that (ok, well maybe not in a castle per say) but I don’t really know of anyone around me who gets to do it. Alas, I shall stop wishing and just grind through it. Everyone has to start somewhere and I’m lucky enough to be on my path and have friends and family around me that have learned to understand that if I don’t pick up the phone, I’m in an imaginary world and can’t come out.

How ironic. When I started writing I would find one hundred and one excuses to not write. A full year and a half into the process and I find excuses to not do anything else but write. It doesn’t always work, but at least I try.

Ok Monday Blog Series Readers, now that you’ve heard my excuse, I hope you’ll forgive me for not posting yesterday.

Now back to the board that looks more like a skittles’ rainbow full of words rather than colorful index cards.

mondayblogseriesohhh… skittles…yummy… 😉


One thought on “#65 Skittles between act 2 and 3… my apology

  1. I had been wondering y’day eve already and was sure I’ll find the post knitted up at 23:30 when I open my laptop this morning…
    Most writers I know do actually go to some sort of retreat in crucial phases of their writing. Munich is in the lucky position to have the mountains just in front of the door and Italy is a sheer 5 hours drive away. Plenty of lonely cottages and huts with no Internet access there for off-time to sink in to stories.
    I can completely understand how hard it is to balance work and life when you are sitting in the middle of your life trying to work…yesterday I thought for the 27th time about renting on a day-to-day basis a shared working space…
    But than: whenever it’s getting very busy with my work – I’m out and about anyways.
    Enjoy writing! We miss you in life but we kno you’ll be back! 🙂

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