#67 It’s going to be an awesome week!

J&C Lima Dehne #dehnelimafilm

Don’t you get that feeling sometimes? The “I-can-tackle-anything” feeling?  Maybe that feeling doesn’t come as often as you hope for, or as I hope for, but when it does, it sure brightens up the day! I had that today as I woke up. I don’t know why but I feel like it’s going to be a good week despite the Munich weather.

 Outside it is gray and wet and inside the sun is shinning. Right here above my desk. It’s shinning so bright I can feel the warmth despite the cold outside. I can feel the drops of ray trickling down my cheeks. Warming my smile. A smile I’m offering the computer in front of me and that means you.

 It’s a feeling that assures me that it will be a good week: a productive and fruitful week. A week of renewed hopes, might I dare add. It’s not harvest time quite yet, but I can definitely see, what were once just mere planted seeds, starting to grow. I can’t see what it is exactly but it is there like a blurry Van Gogh painting. Maybe that is why the sun is shinning over my desk today. Maybe it’s my own writing that is being irrigated. Maybe it’s something else. Maybe an old idea put to good use, an old try allowed to try again, an old hunch settling in.

 Whatever it is, that will bloom soon, I can feel it coming and it makes me happy.

 Wishing everyone a wonderful week with more ups than downs, a touch of sunshine and a whirl of warmth.

 (No matter what the weather may look like outside…)

Photo by JLD – Dehne Lima FIlm in Cannes ’11


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