#68 It’s over. We are breaking up…

Dear Winter,

I know, I know. How awful of me to be writing you instead of just calling you up or telling you this face-to-face. Truth be told I’m sick of the sight of you, so I prefer writing… so we don’t have to see each other.

I’ve had it. I thought this could go on forever. I believed you; I fell in love with you way back in September, when you suddenly out of nowhere made an appearance on my doorsteps. It caught me by surprise and I’m like everyone else, I like being wooed.  Who doesn’t love a thrill?? The beginning of a relationship is always so nice. We would take long strolls in the park together. You were always so stylish and captivating and attentive. Sometimes you would tease me with your cold jokes but mostly you were very endearing. Then we had our first big fight and you were gone at Christmas. I couldn’t believe you had stood me up. It was devastating to not have you around during Christmas. Couldn’t drink Glühwein, couldn’t go sledding nor skiing. I couldn’t even wear the coat I got because of you! I thought surely you’d come back for New Year’s but you didn’t. So I apologized and you came back and promised never to pull that stunt again. So I smiled and we gave it another chance.

I thought we had it going on but I was wrong. I’m afraid I can’t do this any longer. I need my freedom and my sanity back. I feel like we don’t know each other anymore. You’ve become somehow different, a bit obsessive. I told you once I loved your smell and now you wear that same perfume day in and day out. I told you once I loved it  when you wore white and now that’s all you wear. I told you once how I enjoyed your cool kisses on my cheek and the tip of my nose, and here you are blowing me freezing kisses everywhere! I’ve become a Popsicle because of you. That’s not me! I’m not a Popsicle! I look in the mirror and don’t recognize myself. It’s driving me insane! A lasting relationship is built on trust Winter, and I just cannot trust that you will not take what I say and twist it around and lose control. You are suffocating me Winter. I feel like a suffocated Popsicle. Everywhere I go, there you are. I can’t even leave my house without you stalking me.

This isn’t healthy Winter. It’s a one-sided relationship. I don’t love you anymore. I don’t even like you. You’ve become an obsessive tyrant stalker and we must end this.

I’m officially breaking up with you. I should’ve said something earlier but I thought you would’ve noticed that I stopped smiling at you, stopped taking your calls, stopped taking pictures of us, I even unfriended you on Facebook. Except, nothing seems to work. So this is my last attempt before I file a complaint and a restraining order.

I hope someday you will understand me and that we can be friends.

Yours no more,


dehnelimafilm Winter


4 thoughts on “#68 It’s over. We are breaking up…

  1. Hey Ju, I’ve read this during our white Easter and made me laugh. I hear you! Perhaps we should try a collective break up x

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