#69 An addiction. I might have one.


I’m a word game addict (or at least I’m beginning to think so).

One I can quickly access.A certain kind of word game (preferably an app on my iPhone kind of game).

Scrabble, Wordfeud and now Ruzzle (introduced to me by my lovely sister-in-law).

Problem: I play… at least once a day. Not an entire game, but a word or two.

Remedies: I’ve tried turning my phone off, tried scheduling in play time, tried telling myself that an app is not as much fun as actually sitting down with people to play scrabble – you know the old-fashioned board game way- but how many times have I actually sat down with friends or family to play scrabble?… well… do you mean in the last year? Well I would say… (thinking here really hard)… 0 times. In the last 10 years.

So I found a replacement. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s fun… but it’s addictive.

Homeopathic Remedies: I’m a writer, words are what I do, it’s ok.

(or) It’s good for the brain (somewhere there must be a study about how word games are good for the brain though I still need to check that theory).

(or) Well it’s not like I’m stealing, robbing or voting for any right-wing fanatic out there looking to destroy any last drop of faith in mankind (and womankind).

Exactly! That last thought makes my game addiction seem so insignificant. I meant app on my iPhone, not gambling. See, I don’t even gamble. Except with my time. But it’s not TV! It’s literally… wait what was I talking about?

Sorry my phone just beeped. Random player waiting.


It hardly constitutes as an addiction. I’m not even that good at them. Addicts are pretty good at what they do aren’t they?

It could be a severe case of creative brain exercising doesn’t do anyone any harm distraction.

My phone just beeped again. Random player is impatient.

Well… I guess I’ll just play this one game real quick and if you happen to have the Ruzzle app – you can find me under overlunch… Wordfeud under dehnelimafilm…

…you know, in case you are up for a game.


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