#71 The beginning of Spring is like the end of a First Draft

Do you know how I know it’s Spring? … Besides the obvious fact that the sun has decided to come back for a visit and temperatures are making people high all around…

Dehne Lima Film I hear the church bells like they are in my living room (my window is open), I have blisters on my feet (finally wearing my Havaianas again), my butt hurts (the bicycle is once more my absolute favorite mode of transportation – hurrah!), my legs are so white it burns my own eyes to look at it (I desperately need a tan) and I’m hitting the last 15 pages of my current screenplay.

The beginning of Spring is like hitting the last few pages of a screenplay. You smile, you breath, you freaking forget the torture you’ve put yourself through for the past months, much like forgetting the horrible dark winter days. So I’m smiling, not that the screenplay is anywhere near finished, but it is almost at the beginning of rewrites and ‘re-writing’ is where the magic really happens.

Like Spring which will lead into Summer, my absolute favorite season (must be my Brazilian genes), getting this first draft in will lead to revision and revision is where writers actually write. Unless they are some kind of literary genius, which I’m not. So I stick to rewrites like I stick to a spring cleaning every year. It’s good to re-organize the house, get rid of the extra layers of clothes and make sure you get rid of the clutter. All of the extra boots, coats, covers, mittens and wool leggings. Spring feels lighter and to the point. So does rewrites. It’s where much of the creative process comes to life.

Sometimes rewrites will happen while I’m writing and sometimes I need a finished base that I can work from. It all depends how much of the story has been stirring in my head and how much of it is already in my being before I start typing away. Much of writing is thinking and thought needs to be nurtured so rewriting is like nurturing thought and process while understanding the soul and purpose of each character and scene. It’s a wonderful feeling all around, both outside and inside.

Do you know how I know I’m hitting the last few pages of a first draft?

Spring has arrived.


5 thoughts on “#71 The beginning of Spring is like the end of a First Draft

  1. I had several hits from Germany and Belgium on my blog, and I was wondering if they were from yours. If so, what did you think? Speak freely. I take criticism well. I’m not intellectually or emotionally fragile. So fire away. I simply want to make my writing as good as it can possibly be. Thanks for showing interest. And by the way, don’t be ashamed of being too white. Or too black for that matter.

    • Guilty as charged. To be fair though I only skimmed through your blog, so while I can’t say much about the writing itself (who am I to give criticism anyway) I thought it was brave to finally do what you’ve always wanted to be doing. The one advice I would share based on my own experience is (in case I understood this correctly from what I read on your blog): don’t write thinking a producer will stumble upon it and be interested in it, especially since it’s online for everyone to see, and a dirty little secret of the film business is that most producers want something nobody has seen or knows about. So whatever you publish should just be an example of your work, not the actual work you want to get made… but maybe you know this already. 🙂 Looking forward to reading your entries. Much success, Juliana

  2. Juliana, Your advice does have me looking at things a little differently. Like you, I try to stay out of the advice business. There’s certainly enough of it around without any contributions from me. Since the screenplay is only about at the halfway point (typed, it’s roughly 47 pages), perhaps I’ll keep the rest under wraps until it’s complete (with rewrites, rewrites and more rewrites). I’m not adverse to making changes to what I’ve already completed. In fact, I’m enjoying the process quite a bit. You have provided some very nourishing food for thought. As far as being brave, that’s an honor reserved for first responders and people who put themselves in harm’s way to save the lives of others. I’m just a writer. It doesn’t take much courage. Keep in touch. Sincerely, ldlagarino

  3. When reading over my last comment, I noticed that I misused the word “adverse.” The word should have been “averse.” It must be a fairly common mistake, because the Oxford dictionary attaches a note to the definition of each, explaining the difference.

    • Hi, no worries. Sorry for the delay in response as I don’t always check back regularly. I try to stay away from the internet trap during the week so I can work. Otherwise I catch myself surfing instead of working. 🙂 And anyone who exposes themselves fully in any artistic form, putting themselves out there, is brave in my opinion. It may not save a life but it can surely change one. You should check out the PBS documentary ‘How Art made the World’. Best, Juliana

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