#72 and you think I’m the crazy one?

“But everyday?”

“Yes I write everyday.”

“But seriously?”

“Well I don’t necessarily write the same thing everyday but I do sit down to write everyday. I’ve got a schedule to keep up with. Ok, well, to be fair sometimes ideas come to me in the oddest places and then I still write but not necessarily that the goal of my sitting down was writing, per se…”

” So you don’t write everyday…”

“No, I do. When I don’t accidentally write then I force myself to sit and write.”

“And you enjoy that?”

“Well I enjoy ‘having written’. The state of having written suits me best. The actual writing process is usually painful, sometimes rewarding, but most of the time you’ll hear me complaining about it… to myself…in my head, because I rarely talk when I’m in the process of writing.”

“That sounds, er, interesting.”

“It’s not really. It’s quite boring.”

“But I thought you loved what you did?”

“I do. Very much.”

“That sounds more like you are torturing yourself.”

“Well artists tend to be masochistic, even though I treat screenwriting more like a science…”

“You don’t have to give me any sexual det—“

“Oh no, you misunderstood me. I mean, it’s an eternal battle of pain. Like you struggle when you are creating and you struggle when you aren’t. So if you are going to kick and scream anyway, if you have to endure pain anyway, then better do it while creating. At least something beautiful may come out of it.”

“That sounds like a horrible temp job and then someone remembers to surprise you with a caramel low-fat macchiato from Starbucks and you forget the pain.”

“I don’t see the correlation. Besides, I hate Starbucks.”

“It sounds like forced labor!”

“That’s a horrible thing to say. I choose to do my job everyday…”

“And that’s the life you always dreamed of?”


“That makes little sense. So you basically work in a competitive business with high probability of failure, with little vacation and no bonuses, plus it is painful and boring?”

“Yes. Isn’t it wonderful?” 

“And that’s being a writer?”

” A screenwriter. I don’t write novels. I write blueprints for the screen.”

” So you’re not even a writer?”

“Well… Tolstoy was a writer, Hemingway was a writer, I’m not a writer in that sense. My thrill is the screen. The coming to life part of screenwriting. I mean when it actually gets made.”

(long pause)

“And you wonder why people don’t get what you do or why you even do it…?”

(awkward smile). 

“So what do you do again?”

“I’m an Equity Research Analyst at the Deutsche Bank Global Banking and Markets. My father is the managing director.”

(long pause)

“Nice meeting you.”

“Yes you too! Bye!”


Juliana Lima Dehne Writing


4 thoughts on “#72 and you think I’m the crazy one?

  1. I don’t write every day. I probably should, but I don’t. I’m not recommending this for someone who feels the need to. Writing isn’t painful for me. It is work. Today I turned over soil and planted grass seed. I have patches from the dog running after the frisbie, and couldn’t stand looking at them anymore. I procrastinate with almost everything. Writing is no exception. But of all the things I eventually get around to doing, I enjoy writing the most. If I had a hammock in my back yard and nice weather every day, I would, more than likely, never get a thing done. It’s probably better I don’t.

    • I’ll admit that I use to procrastinate, until it became my profession. Discipline sort of killed any writing-work-related-procrastinating cell that I had in my body. BUT I do procrastinate with other things, like everyday chores. Until I can’t anymore because the trash can be smelled from a mile away or the sink pilled up again. I do agree about the hammock though… except I’d make sure to have at least pen and paper at an arm’s length. 😉

  2. I wonder what a Equity Research Analyst at the Deutsche Bank Global Banking and Markets is writing each and every day…numbers? – Well: except weekends. Than an Equity Research Analyst at the Deutsche Bank Global Banking and Markets (let’s make that an ERADBGBM) is probably trying to recover from the pains of the week, the wound fingers from typing all these figures and – of course! – from pencil sharpening!
    No offense…
    Hilarious story!

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