#74 I miss those days when getting a cold was fun…

Remember when it was cool to get a cold? It was like spending a day at a luxurious hotel where everyone served you and looked out for your well-being.

Remember how happy we were as kids to wake up with a runny nose? That meant we could skip school, watch a film or read a book and get to eat food in bed and not have to sit properly at the table, nor wash our hands before.

Remember when it was enjoyable to have a light fever? It was like an open invitation to sleeping all day and nobody made you get up! No alarm clocks, no parents coming in your room and shaking you whilst telling you: you’re late for school. No teachers getting upset at you for sleeping in class.

Those were the glorious days when you were allowed to have a cold. The world just seemed to stop and pardon you for not taking part in it during the days you laid sick in bed, smiling at all the other schmucks who had to take that arithmetic test you didn’t study for. No major responsibilities except: Get better soon!

Those days are gone. As a self-employed adult a cold is more like a nightmare. Bills don’t stop, deadlines don’t get delayed, your pet still needs to go out to pee, if you have children, then they need you round the clock,  and the pile of “things to do” screams at you every hour. Literally. I set up a reminder list on my phone that beeps until I check it off. It’s a beeping symphony. Welcome to the digital world. More sounds, more reminders, less time to get better.

Today I’m dreading having one. What started out as a nightly sore throat couple of days ago has broken out into a full Spring cold. I tried to ignore it, fight it off, not let it ruin my awesome weekend, but it finally won.

Adults should just not get colds (period). Colds should be like chicken pox, you get them once really bad when you are a kid and then your immune for life.

For some reason I always miss being a kid when I get a cold. At least I miss the golden days when getting a cold was actually synonym to “hell yeah!” and not a synonym to “oh shit I’m screwed”.

I miss those days when getting a cold was actually fun… Achoo!

a cold


6 thoughts on “#74 I miss those days when getting a cold was fun…

  1. Oh, poor blossom! Get better soon!
    I remember never having been patient enough to stand or even enjoy a cold…even as a kid.
    Only one time, after a horse riding accident when I had ended up in hospital, I woke up after being passed out for a day – and – had missed my MAIN Latin exam!!! Hooray!
    -Snug in and get well.

  2. Merci! Your story made me laugh. I unfortunately never missed out on ANY Latin exams in all 3 years that I took it. I should’ve done extreme sports. Such a wimp. haha. LG

  3. everyday I tell myself wouldn“t it be great to stay one day in bed doing nothing. Then I get sick, I have to stay in bed and I hate it.
    Speedy recovery

  4. well said Juliana, made me laugh!… lying in bed with a massive cold with fever.. thinking of all the bills and deadlines when i wake up in between.. But there´s one fact that is motivating: i always have an energy boost after recovery – so i´ll just have to wait for the boost to finally start!

    • You too? Oh no! But you’re absolutely right. I get the same boost. Gotta look at the positive side. Just hoping it’ll come sooner rather than later! Gute Besserung! Abraços

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