#77 Ready… Set… Go… Write what excites you.

T- 5 1/2. Very excited.

“Write what you know” is a very close-minded advice in my humble opinion and one writers often hear.

“Write what interests or excites you” is more the direction I’m sticking to. If I only write what I know, then where is the challenge? How do I grow? How do I keep the work interesting? Writers tend to be curious people by nature. If we don’t satiate our curiosity, then what motivates the writing of a particular piece? Writing is a disease, but it’s a healthy one and should entice you all through its painful process.

When anyone asks me why I became a screenwriter, my answer still remains: to keep learning, to travel, to make films.

Next week I get to take a trip to a place I have never been, but wrote a story for. I read about the place, I read about its history and was intrigued by the question of identity that is so prevalent in all articles or books I sponged up during a preliminary research period. The question of identity is also something very personal to me and my story, so needless to say, I was drawn. So I placed an idea I had for a story in this particular place and felt it would be the perfect (and only) place to tell it. I dreamt up scenes in specific landscape, towns and homes. I dreamt up what it maybe could look like, feel like or smell like. Next week I get to meet the real world to my imaginary one and it’s very exciting.

If I only wrote what I knew, I’d never venture into an unknown territory and that would sort of defy the craft all together. Aren’t we in this to discover parts of us we never knew we had? Aren’t we in this because we have some sort of need to understand human behavior or why things are the way they are? If we didn’t venture out to unknown territories, be it physically or emotionally, writing would get pretty boring, pretty fast, if you asked me.

So I’m a big advocate of write what excites or challenges you and let your inner lives and imagination surprise you. Write only what you know and you might run into the tiny little problem of stagnation.

T-5 1/2 days to learning, traveling and creating…

If you are curious to follow the research adventures, and my impressions, stay tuned.

Next Monday Blog Series coming soon…



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