#80 Series Series Series… and a film festival.

It’s funny. Just last week everyone was in an uproar regarding movie blockbuster giants Spielberg’s and Lucas’ speech to USC students in California. Well, almost everyone.

Besides the dramatic implosion of Hollywood, there were some enlightening details on where we will run to next for original, interesting and viable material and that was television series. Lucas  said if you put an AMC or HBO or even Netflix original series up on the big screen and a film up on the big screen, you see very little difference in matters of story and production. They also said that the future is internet-tv… where you can stream anything and everything at any given moment in the comfort of your own home. Purchasable screens are getting bigger anyway, the line between Series and Films will sort of just fade away.

Today, here in Munich, Germany – far away from sunny California, I just pre-ordered tickets to a few screenings at the International Film Fest Munich happening in two weeks. The funny thing is that so far I have only pre-ordered Series screenings. Yep, you read right. For the first time ever, FilmFest Munich is screening television series on the big screen including Downtown Abby, Death Of A Pilgrim, Oz and even Mad Men – though I’m up to date on that one. I’ve never experienced a TV-Series on the big screen and I’m very much looking forward to it.

I’m not sure that the festival directors knew of Lucas and Spielberg’s previsions regarding the industry but I must say they are spot on mixing film and TV (and even Games) in one festival. And as a screenwriter I find it quite exciting to see these  changes actually happening and industry professionals actually adapting to them and not pretending they aren’t there. The film business is a changing market. To fight against it is to not put your energy on what really matters which is making content, telling stories, in whatever shape or form available to us at the historical moment we are living. Isn’t that why we got into this in the first place? Sharing stories?

I still can’t afford my own home theater so I’m happy the festival is offering us one.

And for anyone who personally knows Spielberg or Lucas, tell them there is a festival on the other side of the world ahead of the game. If you’ve read my previous blog entries on the same festival, you know how unimpressed I was with the past editions. Today I’m just really pleasantly surprised that they are thinking ahead and thinking big. 🙂

FilmFest Munich you rock!

If you are in Munich and wanna join us for some serial-storytelling evenings on the big screen:

click here

click here




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