#82 Ready, set, go… run your first 5K!

We did it!

Lisiane, Amara and I ran our first 5K ever!

I pulled a muscle two weeks ago, so I had to interrupt my training, but we were decisive and wanted to run no matter what so we did. We did it at the Color Run which isn’t a competitive race. It’s actually a great way to test the waters. At the Color Run there were serious runners, serious walkers, even serious dancers who danced their way to the finish line. There was also a lot of goofy everything and they just wanted to get drenched in colors.

Photo from Color Run Munich Facebook Page

Photo from Color Run Munich Facebook Page

We decided to be part of the runners, because, well that’s what helps sedentary and stress-prone creative independents like us the most. Amara is a film producer, I’m a writer and Lisiane is a fashion designer. There was a big party at the end of the race with music, food and drinks. We couldn’t stay long though because the film festival is going on in Munich and we had to run to it. No pun intended.

I must say that I have many friends who ran. 5K, 10K, half marathons even marathons, and now I understand why they all swear by it. I’m not quite sure I’m the marathon kind of gal, but I’m pretty sure I’d love to try a 10K next year. Most of the races in Munich happen during the summer and I only came about them a bit late this time around, but I’ll definitely be prepared for next year’s summer racing bonanza.

The thing about racing is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment and that’s a great feeling, especially if you work in the film business where one tangible accomplishment can take years and years and you got to keep motivating yourself thanks to god-knows-what. Which I guess only works when you really believe in God. Hm. Tough luck.

Anyway, if you don’t have time or money for a gym, if you want flexibility and still give your mind and body the workout it deserves, especially if you sit all day, like me, running is a great way to go about it. If you are looking for a goal, then check out the Color Run nearest you and sign up, or any other non-competitive race out there.

It’s a great feeling to cross that finish line. It’s like handing in your latest screenplay draft and getting that positive call, except running and crossing the finish line is instant and not like having to wait for the film to actually get produced to feel like the job is done. I totally recommend it.

Writers go run a 5K and it’ll help your motivation. If it doesn’t, at least it’ll put a smile on your face.

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One thought on “#82 Ready, set, go… run your first 5K!

  1. Sounds great, looks great, must have been amazing!
    I’m back in town since this morning…we had no running but lots and lots of food and many happy people this weekend…I shall tell you more when I see you!
    My evenings are all blocked already by other films, so no TV on big screen for me – but Wed my filmscreening is @HFF, so I hope to run in to you!!

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