#88 Food for thought… literally

I admit it. I absolutely hate having to interrupt work to think about what I’m going to eat, let alone cook something for lunch. There I’ve said it. Why?

It takes me out of my writing world. It’s like answering the phone, which I don’t do either. But somehow it’s hard to fast. Especially when the world becomes fuzzy because my low-blood pressure is hitting and my brain goes off like a dying phone battery: blink, blink, blink… telling me to eat or die (long dramatic pause).

I enjoy eating, I enjoy food and especially since I’ve taken up running as my number one body moving activity, I need a balanced diet. Well I need food. A balanced diet is the second challenge. I noticed however that my zero enthusiasm for stopping, grocery shopping and cooking during writing hours makes it that much harder to plan meals.

Now I’m wondering am I the only one with this problem? Does anyone out there also have a hard time?

Food for thought. If the brain is to stay healthy and productive, and we don’t live in Paris in the early 1900’s, then nutrition is important. So I searched for a few tips on Healthy eating for Writers and came upon this NY Times sketch (July 29th,2011) – funny but I wouldn’t follow in their eating footsteps:


…and then this blog with some actual great tips to stay on the healthy side of things while writing:

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 15.46.33

Though I still have no immediate solution to my problem, it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one out there with MPD (meal planning deficiency).

I think I’ll start with the snack ideas from the blog and I’m staying away from Fitzgerald or Whitman snack for thought.



3 thoughts on “#88 Food for thought… literally

  1. Haha! I absolutely love the NY Times sketch, great find. You certainly aren’t alone — I love food (and thinking about it), but if I’m studying I find that it’s just a time waster to stare mindlessly into the fridge (sometimes a well needed break though!). If I know I want to try and stay on task, I’ll try and make a bunch of healthy snacks before I even start working, that way I’ll have them on hand! Good luck overcoming your MPD:)

  2. I was trying to find an easy way out but you’re right, I just need to get over it and learn to prepare, i.e. before work, obviously a great idea I’ve managed to stay clear of… 😉 I’ll def need all the luck I can get.
    Thanks for stopping by! – Juliana

  3. Someone once told me that single women tend to stay thinner than married women, because a single woman comes home at the end of the day, looks at what’s in the refrigerator and goes to bed. A married woman comes home, looks at what’s in bed and goes to the refrigerator. Anyway, you could always buy cooked food, hold the turkey drumstick in one hand and type with the other.

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