#89 no Internet does the mind well…

The world is a different place when access to Internet is limited.

I’m in a tiny village in Minas Gerais, Brazil and have a smartphone I can’t use. It allows me to see the world for what it is. When we drive from one location to another, I talk to the driver or look out the window. I noticed the sky today and I’m now conversing with the moon. I take in the moon as I took in the sky. Something I rarely do when I’m home. I tend to look down a lot. Look down at my smartphone. Not so smart when it can’t always be used but smarter than us for holding our attention.

I looked at my phone twice today. In the morning and at night. The rest of the day I’m living reality through frames and lenses. Real ones not apps.

I’m glad for places like this that have limited access to the virtual world and therefore live more in the present than we all do in the “big cities”. We, meaning, all of us addicted to our gadgets.

This is the moon I’ve been having a thoughtful conversation with for the past half hour. I asked to take a picture and it said ok, just one. Well, the practical side of a smartphone is immortalizing moments.

Click. Would you like to share? It asks me.

Oh no! I can’t share my picture all over social media! What now?

Oh right simple. put the phone away and keep the conversation going… No Internet does the mind well.


Photo by JLD © 2013