#95 The here and now exercise…


We did it today as a group. It’s so simple but it makes such a difference. The exercise is for a Series Dramaturgy class, but as Tom also pointed out, you could just about use it for all those moments you need to stop being negative or unblock yourself from that writer’s block day. Even though I don’t believe in writer’s block, I do believe that draining yourself with negativity, complaints and trying to prove that the world is always against you, will rob you of your otherwise very creative energy.

So here it goes. Are you ready to have your mind blown away?

Simple instructions: You walk around a room and point at familiar objects but give them a different name. Do this for about 2 minutes. Really, just go around your room and point to a chair but call it a dog. Point to a window but call it a plane. Point to a pencil but call it pizza.

Two things will happen: you are actually forced to see the environment around you (no smartphone carrying during the exercise allowed!) and you will free your mind.

You’ll even feel freer in a way. Be aware of how your body feels before and after the exercise. I guarantee you that you will feel that shift.

Now you may start working and focusing on your process. Your creative process and not everything else that is wrong with the world… or more precisely… your world. 🙂

Happy writing!

(or happy re-focusing!)


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