#96 A writer’s routine…

I heard this song a friend and I put together I very long time ago and somehow got caught in the routine aspect of the lyrics, the fact that at some point or another we become robots trapped in our own daily tasks and routine, and as I worked in bed yesterday… yes, you read that right, it rarely happens but it did yesterday and it was absolutely wonderful … probably because it broke my vicious routine cycle, and now coming back to the subject of this awkwardly long sentence, it, the song (in case you forgot) sort of not only made me think of my own daily routine, it also reminded me of certain phases of writing. The discipline of routine, when you do everything but write. Open your screenplay file. Think about it. Look away. Read it. Think about it. Look away again. See if the light is still working. Come back to reading. Think and before you can get to writing you stop abruptly and leave the desk, bed, floor, chair, all of the above and go clean something.

And then Mr. Sandman catches up with you and your eye lids feel so heavy, not even Schwarzenegger can keep them open. If he came in some microscopic size you could place between your eyes and your eyebrows, of course. He doesn’t, I already checked.

So here is an experiment, a representation of sorts, of an hour in the boring life of a writer…

And that is why what we do is not glamorous at all.


ACT 1:

video ©2013 JLD The Boring Life of a Writer

Song Hamlet’s Revenge arrangements by Mauro Golin, lyrics & voice by Juliana Lima Dehne
© 2009


One thought on “#96 A writer’s routine…

  1. At filmschool I used to have a teacher as old as the stones in the Isar river perhaps. He taught us to go and sit in the S-Bahn when we really want to write. Or in the train. Best with your back to the driving direction. Look out the window (that was a very important part for him) and see the world wosh past. – Later, he told us, you can go on your own little inner S-Bahn journeys and look out the windows of your souls.
    Guess that’s similar to what happens to you when writing in bed, no?

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